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GIS plug-in cable termination (3# interface) TP-A 42 kV, 1250 A


GIS plug-in cable termination for XLPE insulted 1-core or 3-core cables with Cu conductor for 42 kV. Fit standard bushing of 3# inner cone GIS switch cabinet or transformer according to EN 50181.

IEC 60502.4
GB/T 12706.4


The cable termination mainly consists of plug-in contactor, stress cone and tail pipe.
Plug-in contactor
– Spring contact connection which is safe and reliable
– Inclined bolt for easier installation, rigid fixation and no special tools required
Stress cone
– Small and portable
– 100% routine tests
– Reliable for electricity and safety performance

42 kV, 800 A GIS plug-in cable termination selection guide


  Designation Insulation diameter (mm) 26/35(40.5) kV
Cu conductor Al conductor Conductor cross section (mm2)
TP-A422-50 TP-A422-50AL 30.5-32.6 50
TP-A422-70 TP-A422-70AL 30.7-33.6 70
TP-A422-95 TP-A422-95AL 33.2-35.6 95
TP-A422-120 TP-A422-120AL 34.2-37.2 120
TP-A422-150 TP-A422-150AL 35.6-38.7 150
TP-A422-185 TP-A422-185AL 37.8-41.5 185

Always select products by insulation diameter. *C1 apply for 1-core with amour, **C3 apply for 3-ore with amour.

Standard bushing

Main technical specifications


  TP-A422-50 TP-A422-70 TP-A422-95 TP-A422-120 TP-A422-150 TP-A422-185
Voltage level       42 kV    
Rated current       800 A    
Cross section range 50 70 95 120 150 185
AC voltage withstand     117 kV,5 min    
Partial discharge     45 kV,<5 pC    
Lightning impulse voltage     ±200 kV,10 impulses