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Tụ bù hạ thế ZEZ SILKO

Low voltage power capacitors

For more details please open our cataloguePower factor correction
Application and construction

Capacitors are intended for the improvement of Power Factor in low voltage power networks. Used MKP technology consists of metallized PP film with extremely low loss factor. The dielectric system is self-healing and has no liquid impregnant.

Capacitor elements enclosed in cylindrical aluminium cases are filled with a vegetable oil based gel which is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The capacitors have overpressure protection to disconnect it from the supply in the event of internal failure and at the end of its operational life.

The construction described above and the use of high quality materials ensure reliability and longevity.

Installation instructions

Capacitors can be installed in any position. Mounting is by M12 stud on the bottom and this can also be used for the earth connection – max tightening torque 5 Nm. Connection in terminal is done by M5 screws – max torque 2 Nm. Connecting cables must permit the capacitor top to rise by 20 mm to ensure correct operation of the overpressure disconnector. Expansion upper part of the capacitor must be free without any fixing clamp. If necessary, fixing clamps can be mounted on the lower capacitor part below the groove only.
Back up fuses should have gG characteristics and they should be rated at twice the nominal current of the capacitor(s).

Attention ! It is necessary to connect the capacitors only by Cu wires.

It is possible to delivery all types of capacitors in Al case diameter 85 and 110 mm with plastic cover for protection IP 54!

Function of disconnector

The case of the capacitor is protected against bursting by the overpressure disconnector (2 or 3 phase disconnection).

Technical data


Rated voltage: UN 230 – 800 V
Frequency: fN 50/60 Hz
Standards: IEC 60831-1+2,  EN 60831-1+2, UL No. 810,
GOST 1282-88, VDE 0560 46+47
Max overvoltage: Umax UN + 10 % (up to 8 hours daily)
UN + 15 % (up to 30 minutes daily)
UN + 20 % (up to 5 minutes)
UN + 30 % (up to 1 minute)
Overcurrent (according to above standards): IS 1,5 – 2,0 * IN
Capacitance tolerance: -5 / +10 %
Test voltage, terminal/terminal: UTT 2,15 * UN, AC, 2 s
Test voltage, terminal / case: UTC UN < 500 V: 3000 V AC, 10 s
UN > 500 V: 2 x UN + 2000 V AC, 10 s
Inrush current: Max 400 x IN
Dielectric losses: tan δ cca 0,2 W/kvar
Statistical life expectancy: 150 000 – 200 000 hours (depended on voltage, temper.)
Degree of protection: IP 20, on request IP 54
Ambient temperature category: -50 °C / D – maximum is 65 °C
– highest mean over any period of 24 h is 45 °C
– highest mean over any period of 1 year is 35 °C
Cooling: natural or forced
Permissible relative humidity: 95 %
Max above sea level: 4 000 m above sea level
Mounting position: any
Mounting: Stud M12 at the bottom
Case: Aluminium
Dielectric: MKP – metallized PP film
Impregnant: Dry type, inert gas N2
Discharge resistors: Included – 50 V, 1 minute or 75 V, 3 minutes